Shows to get your child interested in science and technology

Like a lot of geekdads I’ve been trying to impress a need for learning science and technology in my son. So far I’ve had quite a bit of success, he wants to be a scientist when he grows up, although he still hasn’t figured out what type yet. 🙂 Here are a few shows that I’ve found that have helped to get his interest in science going and to help debunk the boring stereotype that science seems to get in our society.

Mike GriffithShows to get your child interested in science and technology

How NOT to teach a computer language

For the past year or so my wife has been taking online classes to get a computer science degree. For most of her classes she’s done great, she’s been flying through HTML and SQL, even up to the point where she can handle multilevel joins and optimizing through indexes. That was until she hit her class. I had no idea why she was having problems with a language has easy as so I started helping her out and find out why she was having so many problems.

Mike GriffithHow NOT to teach a computer language

Encouraging kids to learn programming

Recently my wife started going back to school with the intent of getting a computer science degree and becoming a programmer. Now when she originally went to high school she loved playing around with the pc and programming in basic but she didn’t know that you could get a job programming. So she went to college for a degree in … Read More

Mike GriffithEncouraging kids to learn programming