Web Development links for 7/10/2012

PhoneGap Build Watcher Thunder a lightning fast template parser for node.js speak.js Demo speech synthesis in javascript. Using WEBGL_depth_texture you can now do shadow mapping in the canary version of chrome. Hot in web standards: June 2012 whats new at the w3c. Integrating Knockout, JSRender, and Tweeter bootstrap with MVC4 Engine.IO : The Realtime Engine a transport layer for socket.io. … Read More

Mike GriffithWeb Development links for 7/10/2012


I was listening to the jquery podcast and I heard about a new site, Rewardjs that has been put together by Richard Worth. Basically what he is doing is rewarding programmers who fix the most bugs in jquery-ui with various gifts. He’s already given away an ipad 2, wii, xbox 360, and a macbook air along with a bunch of … Read More

Mike GriffithRewardJS