Twitter adding Follow Button

I was browsing through my rss feeds this evening and found that twitter is adding a new follow button which allows a user to follow someone on twitter. So, what’s the big deal about this new button and why should we care? It makes for a lot nicer user interface for the user. The old button pulled up a new … Read More

Mike GriffithTwitter adding Follow Button


I was listening to the jquery podcast and I heard about a new site, Rewardjs that has been put together by Richard Worth. Basically what he is doing is rewarding programmers who fix the most bugs in jquery-ui with various gifts. He’s already given away an ipad 2, wii, xbox 360, and a macbook air along with a bunch of … Read More

Mike GriffithRewardJS

Common solutions to sessions dropping in

Over the years I’ve had a number of issues with various applications dropping their session state when they shouldn’t have and these are the list of common fixes I’ve used to fix them. Basically their are three different locations that I check first when diagnosing dropping sessions. The web.config file session setup line sessionstate. The application pool recycling while … Read More

Mike GriffithCommon solutions to sessions dropping in

Encouraging kids to learn programming

Recently my wife started going back to school with the intent of getting a computer science degree and becoming a programmer. Now when she originally went to high school she loved playing around with the pc and programming in basic but she didn’t know that you could get a job programming. So she went to college for a degree in … Read More

Mike GriffithEncouraging kids to learn programming