Web Development links for 7/10/2012

PhoneGap Build Watcher Thunder a lightning fast template parser for node.js speak.js Demo speech synthesis in javascript. Using WEBGL_depth_texture you can now do shadow mapping in the canary version of chrome. Hot in web standards: June 2012 whats new at the w3c. Integrating Knockout, JSRender, and Tweeter bootstrap with MVC4 Engine.IO : The Realtime Engine a transport layer for socket.io. … Read More

Mike GriffithWeb Development links for 7/10/2012

Web Development Links for 7/9/2012

For a while now I’ve been posting web development links that I find interesting to my twitter feed. I’m going to change things up a bit and just start doing a daily post to my blog instead. I’ll still be posting the links that I find interesting, but now they’ll be in one place and you can follow my blog … Read More

Mike GriffithWeb Development Links for 7/9/2012

A warning on iphone restoring from icloud

Recently my wife learned the hard way that if you don’t restore from icloud correctly it is possible to overwrite your backup and loose you iphone data.  The problem started when she was setting up her new iphone 4S at the AT&T store.  The customer service guy went through the settings screens for the iPhone without restoring from the icloud.  … Read More

Mike GriffithA warning on iphone restoring from icloud

Shows to get your child interested in science and technology

Like a lot of geekdads I’ve been trying to impress a need for learning science and technology in my son. So far I’ve had quite a bit of success, he wants to be a scientist when he grows up, although he still hasn’t figured out what type yet. 🙂 Here are a few shows that I’ve found that have helped to get his interest in science going and to help debunk the boring stereotype that science seems to get in our society.

Mike GriffithShows to get your child interested in science and technology

How NOT to teach a computer language

For the past year or so my wife has been taking online classes to get a computer science degree. For most of her classes she’s done great, she’s been flying through HTML and SQL, even up to the point where she can handle multilevel joins and optimizing through indexes. That was until she hit her vb.net class. I had no idea why she was having problems with a language has easy as vb.net so I started helping her out and find out why she was having so many problems.

Mike GriffithHow NOT to teach a computer language

Using ifthisthenthat to promote your WordPress blog

Recently while going through my feeds I came across a awesome new tool called ifthisthenthat. It’s basically a templated way of connecting various different web services on the web with a very easy to use interface. It’s one of those awesome ideas with a lot of applications and I decided to put it to use promoting this blog.

Mike GriffithUsing ifthisthenthat to promote your WordPress blog

Podcast that I recommend

Quite a few times during the week I listen to the following podcasts. Some I listen to so that I can learn new programming techniques and others just for their entertainment value. Hanselminutes This is Scott Hanselman’s podcast and I like to listen to it on the drive to and from work. A lot of the stuff he covers is … Read More

Mike GriffithPodcast that I recommend

Links and first thoughts on Windows 8 at Build.

First off let me begin by saying that I didn’t go to Build, I’m basing most of these opinions off of what I’ve seen reported on the web. First Impressions The very first thing that kind of surprised me about the Windows 8 announcement was that this OS is very much aimed at the tablet market, it may have some … Read More

Mike GriffithLinks and first thoughts on Windows 8 at Build.

Free and Useful tools for SQL Server and .Net development

At a lot of the places I’ve worked at over the years, money has usually been an object. As a result I’ve had to find quality tools that cost a little bit less. Below are a list of those applications that I use on a fairly regular basis.

Mike GriffithFree and Useful tools for SQL Server and .Net development

Lessons in Developer Relations

Recently both Google and Microsoft have made blunders in dealing with their developers, but they’ve responded back to developers in completely different and telling ways.

Mike GriffithLessons in Developer Relations