The type initializer for ‘AutoMapper.TypeMapFactory’ threw an exception. Error with Automapper.

Recently while doing some conversions with Automapper I ran into an error while running it. I was getting the “The type initializer for ‘AutoMapper.TypeMapFactory’ threw an exception.” with an inner exception of “This type is not supported on this platform IDictionaryFactory”. After doing some debugging I finally figured out that it was due to the Automapper dll itself not being … Read More

Mike GriffithThe type initializer for ‘AutoMapper.TypeMapFactory’ threw an exception. Error with Automapper.

Replacing strings with the Filehelpers library.

While working at my current job I’ve been doing a lot of file imports and conversions, so to figure out a more efficient way to do the conversions I did some research and found the FileHelpers library. Now the FileHelpers library makes things very easy to do field conversions by creating attributes that you can connect to each record field … Read More

Mike GriffithReplacing strings with the Filehelpers library.

App.config transforms with Slow Cheetah

Recently while working on a console app that I was building for work I found myself missing the web.config transforms that are used in web projects. For those who don’t know you can build transform file that will change your web.config files depending on what build type you are running at the time. This comes in extremely useful when you … Read More

Mike GriffithApp.config transforms with Slow Cheetah


I was listening to the jquery podcast and I heard about a new site, Rewardjs that has been put together by Richard Worth. Basically what he is doing is rewarding programmers who fix the most bugs in jquery-ui with various gifts. He’s already given away an ipad 2, wii, xbox 360, and a macbook air along with a bunch of … Read More

Mike GriffithRewardJS