Podcast that I recommend

Quite a few times during the week I listen to the following podcasts. Some I listen to so that I can learn new programming techniques and others just for their entertainment value.

This is Scott Hanselman’s podcast and I like to listen to it on the drive to and from work. A lot of the stuff he covers is from Microsoft, since he does work there, but he does cover a lot of open source and is usually really fair in critiquing products. Unlike most programming podcasts his is usually fairly entertaining and not dry.

This Developers Life
This is probably my favorite podcast right now. The podcast isn’t really about programming at all, but more about what it’s like to be a developer. It’s loosely based off of this American life, so if you like that this podcast is definitely worth checking out. My only complaint about this one is that it doesn’t come out often enough.

.Net Rocks!
This one is about .net technologies and Microsoft. It’s another well made podcast and one I use to learn a lot about different Microsoft products and what they should be used for. They do cover open source as well, but it’s from a Microsoft fan boy perspective. It’s very informative, though it can be dry depending on the topic.

Herding Code
This one comes from a very different crowd and I always enjoy listening to it. I always learn something by listening and they tend to focus more on open source than .net. I do wish they’d come out with episodes more often.

Here’s another podcast that I really like. It has a really good blend of open source and .net. It can sometimes be one of the most technically detailed of the podcasts that I listen too. They don’t put out too many updates though and it can also be a bit dry from time to time. Note: they recently lost their host so, we’ll have to see where they go from here.

Doug loves movies
This one isn’t a programming podcast at all, but a comedy podcast on movies. It can be a bit nsfw at times, so be careful listening to it at work. It’s always entertaining.

Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe
This is another one that’s not on programming, but it is on skepticism another favorite topic. If you have a question on any of the scientific claims that are in the media this is a podcast you need to check out.

Slice of Sci-fi
This one is on science fiction movies, TV shows etc. They have news, interviews, and a viewer call in show that’s always fun to listen to.

KCRW Left Right and Center
This is a political podcast, but doesn’t have all of the screaming, yelling, and stupid stuff that most political talk shows have. Its one of the few that that I can actually stomach.

The Watchtower
And finally I round it out with the Watchtower a nice little podcast on comic books from blind ferret entertainment in Canada. I don’t always agree with their reviews, but the show is always entertaining to listen to.

So, do you have any podcasts you listen too that you would recommend?

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