Twitter adding Follow Button

I was browsing through my rss feeds this evening and found that twitter is adding a new follow button which allows a user to follow someone on twitter. So, what’s the big deal about this new button and why should we care? It makes for a lot nicer user interface for the user. The old button pulled up a new full window and just went into your twitter feed. The new button pulls up a smaller more condensed view that shows your feed as well, but without a lot of the unnecessary fluff. This makes sure that your website view is never taken completely away from the user. As an added bonus it shows if the user is already following the twitter feed. Obviously this’ll make it a lot easier for users to follow website updates on twitter and will make it even more important for websites to have a presence on twitter.

The process to add the new follow button is very simple in fact I added it to my website right before making this post and you can see it off on the right. The instructions for adding the follow button is contained here and takes you through a form where you add your information in and it generates the html/javascript code so that you can include it in your site. It’s a very, very simple process where you only have to fill in 4 pieces of information and copy and paste the code into your website (think google adsense although a lot simpler).

So what do you think about this??

Mike GriffithTwitter adding Follow Button