I was listening to the jquery podcast and I heard about a new site, Rewardjs that has been put together by Richard Worth. Basically what he is doing is rewarding programmers who fix the most bugs in jquery-ui with various gifts. He’s already given away an ipad 2, wii, xbox 360, and a macbook air along with a bunch of other prizes. So far he’s been paying for this by getting sponsorships from various different companies but it sounded like he would be looking into crowd sourcing the funding as well. So if you have a company that is looking for something to sponsor you could do a lot worse than helping out rewardjs. And if you on the fence about committing to jquery-ui you just got a brand new reason to work on it. It would be nice if this caught on in other areas of the open source community.

I think I’m going to look into getting that ipad or maybe that macbook air. 🙂

Mike GriffithRewardJS